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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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of drug abuse be eligible? tony guidey looks into the debate. >> i think overwhelming evidence is that these guys cheated the game. >> and rapper at risk-- kelly cobiella introduces us to an afghan singer who risks her life every time she takes the stage. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. i'm rebecca jarvis. people in northern california just can't catch a break. the third big storm in four days is baring down on the region tonight. rivers in the area have a history of dangerous flash flooding as those who live along their banks know all too well. carter evans begins our coverage. >> reporter: the ground is soaked, creeks are full and
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rivers are on the rise. >> i've never seen it that high even during the spring. >> reporter: a storm drain near sacramento wasn't cleared fast enough to save the home of michael jimenez. in california's wine country, when the water gets this high along the russian river, people get worried. >> it's happened so many timeses and it does come, like, clockwork. >> reporter: victoria daly and her family know how dangerous this water can be. the russian river has seen severe flooding in the past. the worst in 1986, when the entire town was under several feet of water. daly said her home is always one of the first to flood. >> we've done it so many times, we're prepared. you know, we're ready for it. >> reporter: forecasters say the russian river valley could see up to seven inches of rain over the weekend. and, rebec,a there's certain guerneville could be under water
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again by monday morning. >> for more on the intense series of storms we turn to our chief meteorologist at our san francisco station kpix, good evening, paul. >> good evening to you, rebecca. >> this system is being described as a fire hose pointed straight at the west coast. what can you tell us about it? well, if mother nature did have a fire hose this certainly would be it. this is tropical moisture that begins west of hawaii, some 3,000, 4,000 miles away from the west coast but it makes this journey all the way from there all the way to the west coast. this tropical moisture can even be an old hurricane from 10 days ago somewhere out in the eastern pacific ocean. it slams into the west coast and everybody gets a ton of rainfall. and in this case, just tonight and tomorrow we're looking at widespread rainfall totals of two inches or more from seattle in western washington all the way down to san francisco, the bay area, even southern california will get heavy rain from the system. >> i understand there's also snow to expect. >> there's a lot of snow to expect. not in california, because
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pineapple express is this tropical moisture can sometimes move up the coast and give us a high snow level. but if you're talking oregon, and washington and idaho and montana, it's snowing lightly this evening but that snow is really going to pick up later on tonight and especially on sunday. and check out all the winter storm warnings and winter weather advisers. portions of western montana and northern idaho may see two or three feet of snow as soon as tomorrow night. that's not good news for travelers but skiers are going to love a pattern like this. >> paul, thank you. on the other side of the pacific, more saber rattling by north korea. the secretive regime announced today it will pry again to test launch a new long-range rocket. anna werner is in washington tonight. >> reporter: president kim jong-un said his country will test another long-range rocket this month. north korea describes it as an observe space satellite, but
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south korean and washington officials said it is anything but. south korea charged it's really a long-range missile in disguise, and here in washington, asia expert victor cha agrees. >> there should be no doubt in anybody's mind even though they call should a civilian launch it is a ballistic missile test. >> satellite activity shows an increase activity. north korea may be trying to prove that kim jong il's son, one year into his presidency has muscle. any missile test will increase tensions between north korea and the united states. today, the state department called the move "a highly provocative act that threatens peace and security in the region." cha says for good reason. >> if this missile test is successful, it can be the most proximate security threat for the obama administration as they
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begin their second term. >> reporter: cha says this is a problem president obama cannot afford to ignore. a test could send a missile over u.s. allies, including japan and those in southeast asia, creating a major security risk drawing them and the u.s. into a potential conflict. rebecca. >> anna werner, thank you. now to egypt. president mohamed morsi said tonight the country will vote december 15 on a new constitution. the draft document and the president's new powers brought egyptians back to the streets today. holly williams is in cairo tonight, and good evening to you, holly. >> reporter: good evening. well, tens of thousands of president morsi's supporters took to the streets today, but it follows days of protests by his opponents, who accuse mr. morsi of behaving like a dictator. last week, the president gave himself broad new powers that he says he needs until egypt has a new democratic constitution. the panel writing that
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constitution rushed to finish a final draft on friday working through the night. but the panel is dominated by mr. morsi's islamist allies. and the final draft includes a bigger role for islamic sharia law and empowers the state to protect morals. but there's no specific guarantee of equality for women, and all of those things have angered many egyptian liberals. nevertheless, mr. morsi said this evening that he will put that draft constitution to a referendum, a popular vote, in just 15 days' time. >> holly, what can the opposition do? >> reporter: well, president morsi's opponents are in a difficult situation because he has played a very clever hand. there's a good chance that the constitution will pass at the referendum, because some egyptians like it and other egyptians feel that any constitution is better than no constitution when egypt desperately needs stability. and even if the draft doesn't pass the popular vote, mr. morsi will still have his expanded new powers. his opponents are talking about disrupting the referendum. they're talking about civil
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disobedience, and beyond that, there may be very little they can do. meanwhile, the military, which has repeatedly interfered in pol tibs during egypt's democratic transition is so far silent. >> holly williams in cairo, thank you. it's inauguration day in mexico today. enrique pena took power as the country's new president. he won a six-year term in july, vowing to reduce violence linked to drug gangs. the 46-year-old is the new face of the institutional revolutionary party or p.r.i. it ruled mexico for most of the 20th searchry. developing a reputation for corruption. outside, protesters opposed to the p.r.i.'s return, clashed with police, who used tear gas to disburse the demonstrations. later air, female rapper braving death threats in afghanistan. should players with flawed reputations be voted into baseball'baseball's hall of fam?
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and "b" is for bonus. how one big-city school system tries to motivate its teachers. those stories when the cbs evening news continues.
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fiscal cliff of tax increases and sharp spending cuts is now exactly one month away. in his weekly media address today, president obama again pushed his party's tax plan. of course, utah senator orrin hatch rejected in the republican response. >> both parties say we should keep middle class taxes low. the senate's already passed a bill to keep income taxes from going up on middle class families. democrats in the house are ready to do the same thing. if we can just get a few house republicans on board, i'll sign
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this bill as soon as congress send it my way. >> what he proposed this week was a classic bait and switch on the american people. a tax increase double the size of what he campaigned on. billions of dollars in new stimulus spending, and an unlimited, unchecked authority tow borrow from the chinese. maybe i missed it, but i don't recall him scwg for any of that during the presidential campaign. >> jarvis: parents and school boards across the country are debating whether to offer bonuses to teachers whose student do well on standardized tests. sharyl attkisson check out how the bonus is working in the first city to try the idea >> reporter: tenth grader lennard long attends a public high school in washington, d.c., where his mom, leticia, used to be frustrated there were no teacher involveses. >> parents would say this teacher they didn't think there was a good teacher but you didn't have an idea why. they weren't evaluated and there
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wasn't anything for to us determine why. >> reporter: test scores here ranked among the worst in the nation, even though the district was spending more per pupil than large u.s. cities, almost $13,000 per student. but in 2009, washington, d.c. became first in the nation to tie teacher salaries to student test scores under a program called "impact." teachers rated highly effective can get annual bonuses up to $25,000 if they stay at that achievement level for two straight years, they can also get a base salary increase of $20,000. a highly effective teacher can earn $76,000, the first year, and reach $131,000 in just nine years. less effective teachers earn 51,000 to start and are fired if they get poor involveses for two straight years. this year, 98 teachers were fired for poor performance. but nathan saunders, president of the washington teachers
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union, says the system is unfair to teachers when many of their student have barriers to learning, such as poverty. >> the penalties are so immediate and so painful, not just immediate in terms of their paycheck, but also immediate in terms of their careers. >> reporter: in washington, test scores are still among the lowest in the nation, but improved slightly, up 2.8% in math, 5.3% in science, and a half percent in reading. leticia long attributes improvements in her son's school to the teacher involveses. >> it seems like classes are more consistent, that they're all kind of operating towards the same kind of core curriculum standards which creates, i think, a better experience for the kids. >> reporter: this fall, 988 teachers, about a quarter of the total staff, received a top rating, making them eligible for the highest bonus. that's about 300 more than last year. sharyl attkisson, cbs news,
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washington. >> jarvis: as of today, a new law protects north carolina teachers from cyber-bullying by student who use the internet to intimidate or torment school employees. the a.c.l.u. plans to challenge the law saying school kids have been making nasty remarks about teachers since the beginning of time. and after five decades of service, a legendary american warship leaves the fleet. that's next.
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chiefs football player shot and killed his girlfriend today. then he drove to the team's stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager. joe von belcher was a starting linebacker for the team, and police say the pair who had a
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child together had been arguing. two passengers were killed after a tour bus lost its way at miami airport today. the vehicle was too tall to clear the arrival lanes and crashed into a concrete overpass. more than two dozen other passengers were injured, three of them critically. police say the driver was unfamiliar with the area and hadn't intended to go to the airport. this is world aids day, a giant red ribbon was displayed at the white house to show support for the 34 million people worldwide afflicted with hiv and aids. in the philippines they lit candles. students in taiwan formed a ribbon on a playground. aidss first diagnosed 31 years ago, and the u.n. says aids claimed 1.7 million lives last year. the uss"enterprise" sailed through many historic moments, but today the nation's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
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was taken out of active service. some 12,000 people turned out in norfolk, virginia, to say farewell. the 51-year-old warship, also known as the "big e." served in every major conflict since the cuban missile crise. straight ahead, controversy in cooperstown. baseball's steroid era comes under scrutiny. >> jarvis: they'e
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biggest names in baseball-- bonds, clemens, and sosa. this year all three former players are eligible for entry to the hall of fame in cooperstown, new york, but as tony guida tells us, controversy over steroids is in play. >> and bonds hits one high. >> reporter: no one in baseball history hit more home runs than barry bonds.
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>> he struck him out! >> no one in baseball history racked up more pitching honors than roger clemens. the two stars headline this year's ballot for the hall of fame. neither is likely to be elected, says danny knobler, a writer for >> i think the overwhelming evidence is these guys cheated the game. >> reporter: bonds, clemens and sammy sosa who joins them on the ballot are the poster children of the baseball steroid era. bonds admitted he took substances but said his trainer described them as linseed oil. clemens was linked to performance-enhancing drugs. and sosa failed a drug test in 2003, according to lawyers familiar with the results. with all three on the ballot for the first time, this year's vote becomes a referendum on baseball's age of steroids. >> there's more to hall of fame than just what your numbers are. >> reporter: the 600 or so baseball writers who elect hall
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of famers are instructed to consider a player's record, sportsmanship, integrity, and character. those last two standardses are causing heated debate this year. >> the hall of fame, i mean, give me a break. man, you you've got bigots, racists, rapists in the hall of fame. >> reporter: "new york times" sports columnist bill rhoden on "cbs this morning" said possible steroid use is not reason to disqualify bonds or clemens. >> some of the vigilante voters are going to do what they felt the courts couldn't do. it really is ridiculous. >> reporter: danny knobler admits it's a tough call. >> we're asked to make a decision. should these guys be in the hall of fame right now? there may be a time we're ready to do it. >> reporter: those elected and those deneed will be announced january 9. >> jarvis: coming up, she's a rapper in afghanistan. and a target for the taliban. >> jarvis: stage performances
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by women are definitely not appreciated in afghanistan where the group human rights watch said last week that advances for women are at risk as the draw-down of international troops continues. kelly cobiella has the story of one young woman who supports her family by challenging social convention at great personal risk. >> reporter: by day, in her family's modest mud home, sosan firooz is a typical young afghan woman, but by night, this 23-year-old is busy making history as afghanistan's first female rapper performing in front of men in western clothes, without a head scarf. in this conservative country, it's not just unusual. it's revolutionary. do you think you're a rebel?
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>> ( translated ): everyone wants to be unique to do something no one else has done before." her song isn't about broken heart or flashy cars. it's about the painful years she and her family spent as refugees in iran after fleeing their war-ravaged country in 1990. they called us dogs. they turned afghans into addicts and terrorists, goes one line. and she sings about the problems in her own country. "we want to end cruelty against women and children," she chants. it's still a difficult life here for you. "yes, of course, it's difficult," she tells me, "but it's easier than being a refugee." 11 years after the fall of the taliban, some women still wear berkas. some are sent to prison or stoned to death for daltrey. even singing on stage isn't completely safe. producer fared rastagar recorded sosan's song. u sing version
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stopped singing because of threat from the taliban. some have left the country," he tells me. sosan's song has been played on youtube more than 75,000 times. she's won praisebut she's also been warned to stop with threatening text messages and recently an anonymous phone call to her mother. "they told her' 'if your daughter appears on tv again, we will cut off your head' "do you think you've chosen a dangerous profession for women in your country? why do do you it? "how long should we keep this silence? there's a need for people to rise up, and others should follow." despite so many risks, firooz is working on a new song about what it's like to be a young woman in afghanistan. kelly cobiella, cbs news, kabul. >> jarvis: and that is is the cbs evening news. later on cbs, "48 hours."
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i'm rebecca jarvis, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh wave of rain. where the it's here, a third round of heavy reign -- rainfall. when is it going to move out and the sun comes back. the threat of damaging floods is most severe. and lost to cancer just 22, how a a friend is helping keep her memory alive for 3000
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